The Artist

Melissa Lynn (Clattenburg) Lynch

Her Journey

A true Trauma survivor after almost dying at birth, Melissa is the remaining child of a set of twins. Enduring physical, psychological, spiritual and sexual abuse, she relied heavily on art to express herself from an early age onward. 


Melissa was classically trained, in 2003, when she graduated with a BFA with Honours from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Following that, she chose a Shadow Career and focused on Film production and studies. Melissa also attended Rockport College obtaining her Certificate in Production Management/Line Producing/Assistant Directing. Afterward, she worked in the film union as a Production Manager and Assistant Director, as well as scenic backdrop and storyboard artist when called upon. Her film career ended abruptly when she was T-boned by a drunk driver in 2008. 


The accident resulted in a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury,) two Chronic Pain conditions, a Movement Disorder and various struggles with mental illness. After extensive rehabilitation, including relearning how to walk, talk and create again she began her true calling into iNNER aRT, using Art Therapy as her main means of expression to recovery. 


Now an artist with disabilities, with an unbreakable spirit this style of art has become her primary body of work. She believes that this type of art speaks to everyone as they go through their own struggles in life and that it can help in the healing process. Her art speaks of going from victim to survivor to thriver, and every step along the way.